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Mission Statement

At Triton Sports we believe in winning, excellence, integrity, and assisting our clients’ in creating a legacy. Our goal is to prepare all of our clients to be the best player they can be during the game and after the game. Triton Sports is a full service sports management and marketing group that provides our clients with elite service and personal care.

Founded on a philosophy of personal attention, communication, and commitment to details, Triton Sports is a leader in sports management and marketing. Triton Sports represents elite athletes playing professionally at the highest levels worldwide.

We pride ourselves in making our clients the highest priority and ensuring that their interests are taken care of on and off the court. It is our goal to maximize our clients earning potential and help create sustainable wealth during and after their professional careers through our exceptional contract negotiations and marketing strategies.

Triton Sports has built relationships with organizations, coaches, and general managers throughout the world and is able to place our clients in the top leagues worldwide through our first-rate public relations and tireless work ethic.

Our team of trusted advisors are available 24-7 for our clients and their families from the beginning of their career through their post-career.





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