Winning Formula For Building Your Career With Triton Sports


Contract Negotiations

Triton Sports provides our client with the finest contract negotiations in the industry. We rely on our extensive experience and training in drafting, reviewing, and analyzing contracts or proposals.

  • Extensive experience and training in contract negotiations
  • Analysis of fair market value of our clients
  • Research team needs and compensation history


Triton Sports will diligently explore all marketing opportunities for each and every client. It is our promise to our clients that we will explore every marketing opportunity in order to maximize their earning potential and revenue streams.

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as community businesses to ensure that our clients are maximizing their earning potential. Triton has longstanding marketing relationships with corporate partners in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

  • Negotiate International and Domestic marketing opportunities
  • Negotiate Shoe and Apparel deals
  • Set up Appearances

Nike | Adidas | Reebok | Under Armour | K1X | Gatorade | Powerade | Coca Cola | Pepsi | McDonalds | EA Sports | Ralph Lauren | Verizon | Topps | Upper Deck | Random House

Public Relations

Triton Sports provides in house public relations to increase exposure and notoriety for our clients. Our PR campaigns assist our clients in promoting their brands as well as their legacy. At Triton Sports we have contact with the leaders in the sports media and broadcast outlets. It is our goal to have our clients covered and featured in the most favorable light and control their image.

ESPN | Fox Sports | Sports Illustrated | The Sporting News | |

Tax and Accounting Services

Triton Sports assist our clients in tax preparations and counsels them on international, national, and state tax issues. At Triton Sports we know the challenges facing our clients and our goal is to provide them with valuable insight and advice. Our team will examine our clients’ tax consequences and provide them the best advice available.

Legal Services and Estate Planning

Triton Sports provides our clients with legal assistance and advice to ensure that their needs are met. With many years of experience Triton Sports is able to immediately respond and address any legal issues facing our clients. This same legal training and experience allows Triton Sports to lead the industry in contract negotiations, advising, and sports management.

  • Provide Legal Representation
  • Create Testamentary Devices for Liability Protection

Preparation For NBA Draft

Triton Sports works with all of our clients to maximize their potential and abilities. Triton Sports will identify a thorough strategy to help our clients achieve their goals.

As an NBA agency, Triton Sports works with our clients to maximize their draft prospects. We work with the biggest names in NBA Pre-Draft training. In conjunction with our trainers’ preparations we will work to enhance our clients draft stock and create the necessary buzz. Our team will also prepare our clients for all Pre-Draft workouts and interviews.

  • Manage and enhance Pre-Draft Image and Stock
  • Access to world renown trainers and elite facilities nationwide
  • Improve basketball skills and athletic abilities
  • Create Marketing and Public Relations Opportunities

Offseason Training and Nutrition

Triton Sports works with all of our clients to maximize their potential and abilities. Triton Sports will identify a thorough strategy to help our clients achieve their goals. Triton clients have year-round access to the most elite and best training facilities in the world. We provide our clients with strength training and nutrition guides to ensure our clients are healthy and able to maximize their abilities.

  • Improve skills and prepare for the upcoming season
  • Gain Strength or rehab an injury
  • Lose Weight or improve your nutrition
  • Year Round access to the finest trainers and facilities in the world

Community and Giving

Triton Sports encourages are clients to give back to the community and maintain a positive image. Our team is experienced in forming charitable foundations and non-profit organizations that have positive impacts on the community.



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